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Disciplines We Teach

Here at Phoenix Farms we teach many different disciplines for every rider! In this page you can learn about the different riding styles to help you decide what you want out of your lessons!


English Riding- English riding developed as early as 1100 B.C. when man started using horses to hunt for food. The saddles developed to be lightweight and allowed the rider free movement for jumping over obstacles and galloping at full speeds. All of the disciplines at Phoenix Farms are taught with English tack. 


English Pleasure- This discipline of English riding does not involve jumping. English Pleasure that is taught at Phoenix Farms is in the form of Hunt Seat. The key to English Pleasure is to move as one with the horse. The rider gives subtle and quiet cues, and the horse responds calmly and willingly to those cues. The horse should indeed be a pleasure for the rider! In shows, English Pleasure is judged based on the correct form of the horse and rider.


Dressage- This discipline of English riding does not involve jumping. Dressage is all about the athletic ability of the horse and rider. Dressage involves extremely complicated and intricate movements done by the horse due to specific and exact cues from the rider. Dressage is sometimes referred to as horse ballet. In shows, dressage is judged by a pattern performed by horse and rider and scored according to how perfectly it was executed.


Hunters- This discipline of English riding involves jumping. Hunters are all about well thought out and perfect turns to make for the best and straightest lines in between jumps. Hunter horses are expected to be well mannered at all times over and between the jumps in a course. In shows, both horses and riders are judged on form and style over and between the fences. 

Jumpers- This discipline of English riding involves jumping. Jumpers are all about speed and how fast they can jump a course. Jumpers are looking for the quickest turns and sharpest corners to get to the next jump. In shows, Jumpers are judged based on how quickly they complete the course and any faults incurred by knocking down fences or refusals.


Eventing- This discipline of English riding involves dressage, jumpers, and cross country.  Eventing is an olympic sport with the same horse and rider team competing in all three events. Cross Country combines the athletic ability of dressage and the stamina of jumpers. Cross Country jumps begin at 2'6'' and can be anything from ditches to logs to benches to carved animals! In shows, speed and willingness to go over an obstacle are what count in Cross Country.