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Our program is designed to teach riders the strength, balance, and rhythm necessary to connect with the horse, as well as equine care and management. In the links below, you will find a description of disciplines we teach, an overview of our levels and advancement, rider requirements, and awards and rewards we offer students through phoenix feathers.


Phoenix Farms focuses on English riding, however, the riding foundation and horsemanship we teach is universal. Our primary program takes students from an introduction to horses and riding, through the basics and advancement of dressage, hunters, jumpers, and finally eventing. Our goal is to fully prepare students for all their future goals with horses; from a confident occasional rider, a horse owner, or a professional in training, we strive to build a solid foundation to carry our students through a lifetime of riding.





We have 10 levels in our primary program. Students are able to progress through levels by earning checks during lessons. Checks are earned through demonstrating an understanding of horses, safety and concepts taught. They are also earned through accomplishing riding goals, such as maintaining a proper riding position, completing ring patterns, or holding a jumping position for a certain length of time. Riders may earn multiple checks per lesson; once all checks have been earned the student may move up to the next level. Students who chose a specialty level may move back into the regular program at any time.


Rider Requirements

We accept all lady riders ages 8 and up into our primary program!

Riders are required to wear long pants and boots to their first lessons. Boots must have a slick sole and at least a 1/2" heel. As riders advance they will be required to wear paddock boots, breeches, half chaps, and their own helmet. Riders are not required to show, however, interested students will have several opportunities throughout the year. Showing requires tall boots and a jacket that may be rented from the barn if we are able to provide an appropriate size. Please see our Lesson Packages and Price List or Upcoming Events page for more information.

Phoenix Farms Fledglings

Junior riders ages 4 to 7 that are not yet ready to be in the primary program may still come to the barn to ride. In these 30 minute mini-lessons, riders will spend about 10 minutes grooming and tacking with an instructor, and 15 minutes riding on a lead line. The final 5 minutes will give time to bring the horse in and give it a cookie! Very young riders may require their guardian's assistance to balance while riding. Mini-lessons may be purchased individually or in a package of four.


We use a package punch card system that makes scheduling easy! Punch cards may be used for up to 6 months, or until all lessons are used. We recommend riding once a week, and will set up recurring lessons if a student is able. Students may then take extra lessons during the week, or skip a week with no penalty, as long as the lesson is cancelled 24 hours in advance. There are no makeups with our system, and our flexible schedule makes it possible for even occasional riders to be a part of our program. Students may take from either instructor, or both, if desired. Lessons last one hour, with approximately 30 to 40 minutes of ride time. The last 5 minutes of class will be spent untacking the horse. Packages offer a discount compared to purchasing individual lessons. You may purchase a package, schedule a lesson, and see lessons left in your package right here through our online scheduler. You also have the option of creating a client account that makes tracking your lessons even easier!

Phoenix Feathers

We reward students who go the extra mile with Phoenix Feathers. The feathers may be earned by assisting a younger student, picking up trash or belongings blocking the aisle, assisting an instructor, an exceptionally good attitude, or any number of helpful, responsible actions that students take. Any action an instructor sees, no matter how small, has the possibility of being rewarded with a feather. Feathers may then be redeemed for awards. Awards may range from extra ride time, Phoenix Farms gear, or even grooming tools or tack. Top feather earners will have a place on our coveted handprint wall, a permanent testament to their dedication, hard work, and responsible character displayed at the barn. 

Rewards and Awards for Students